Stay Tuned!

These are the bands who entertained us in 2014.
We'll announce this year's performers later in the year.


Dixieghosts Band
Photo by Inside of Knoxville

At a time when many acoustic roots bands are reaching a broader audience by electrifying their sounds, Dixieghost is swimming against the tide. After having enjoyed local and regional success from 2008-11 as an electrified folk-rock band, they have recently retooled as an acoustic 5-piece string band. Gone are the drums and electric guitars. What remains are the original songs and vocal harmonies of Jason Hanna and Justin Nix. To this core has been added a trio of veteran acoustic instrumentalists, Will Carter (dobro & banjo), Seth Hopper (fiddle) and Josh Sidman (mandolin). The result is a sound that is deeply rooted in traditional folk styles yet is unmistakably original and progressive. Ultimately, it is all about the songs. Hanna and Nix have a rare musical chemistry that can only come from years of writing & singing and playing hundreds of shows together. Their songs feature vocal harmonies reminiscent of the Everybodyfields woven in with acoustic instrumental work in the vein of Allison Krauss & Union Station and Blue Highway. The band is currently booking shows throughout the Southeast and looks forward to introducing its new acoustic sound to fans new & old.

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The Cathouse Prophets

Cathouse Prophets Band

In 2009, four of us got together with Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke to play a Christmas party at The Shed. We did a Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers tribute and called it Charlie Starr & Petty Crimes. Charlie poured some real rock-n-roll gasoline on us and lit a fire that set the wheels in motion. The next year we hooked up with McGill to play an Unknown Hinson Halloween party. This time, in addition to a set of covers we wanted to play at least one original and as a result “Devils Deal” was written about Popcorn Sutton. The Devils Deal is his story told through The Cathouse Prophets. Later on, T.T.T (Tits, Tires, Trouble) was written from a and interview Popcorn gave Johnny Knoxville. The audience seemed to dig it so we continued. The following year, we found ourselves in need of a new bass player, we found Justin wrapped in a blanket and placed in a basket outside The Shed. We took him in, force fed him Human Growth Hormones and subjected him to hours upon hours of “The Year of the Horse” videos. During his incubation, a stranger left his cabin unlocked and we took it over, two days later we came down having written Night Like This, Hell on the Little Man, Forever Mine, and Hell to Pay. This was the start of The Cathouse Prophets. In 2013, we went into Echo Mountain Studios to cut Southern Fried & Sanctified, nine songs that define our sound today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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Marina Orchestra

Marina Orchestra Band Photo

Marina Orchestra, from Knoxville TN, is a band that blends together influences from the tropics while still incorporating their rock n’ roll upbringing. In their three year career, they have performed all around the South East, released their debut album “Take on the Silence” in 2012 and had the honor of playing Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. 2013 has already been a productive year for Marina Orchestra. They have been busy crafting a collection of songs and the time has come to record them. Their new album “Oceans” continues to expand on the band’s World Beat sound while exploring the idea of the ocean as a dance. Scott Minor at Wild Chorus studio is set to record the project.

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Cutthroat Shamrock

Cutthroat Shamrock Band Photo

Cutthroat Shamrock combines the speed of bluegrass with the drive and energy of punk rock and then tops it all off with a little celtic influence. Fronted by dual vocals and backed by solid bass lines, the momentum gained by two drummers make this a combination to wake up any size of room. Each song sounds different from the last yet some how familiar. Train-like rhythms are traded in for finger picking and the rockabilly slaps of the upright bass are replaced with long dark notes played with a bow. instrumental breaks introduce jigs and reels into almost every song, with guitar leads that would seem more at home on a fiddle or penny whistle.

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